Improvement Guidelines & Form

*Please review the guidelines and submit the form below*

Changes/Modifications/Additions after Initial Construction

a) Any major change or modification to lot property, existing structure(s) and/or addition of incidental structures must be submitted and approved in advance by the Architectural Review Committee.
b) Submitted plans must include the design, location and construction of all improvements.
c) Procedure to submit plans can be found under the “Home Construction Guidelines”.
d) Normal time to complete changes, modifications or additions is expected to be four (4) months. If the project is not completed within one year, the Home Owners Association has the right to require that the property be returned to its original grade level and condition or, with 20 days notification to Lot Owner, the Association may have it done and charge costs back to the Lot Owner.
e) No Trees of any kind with a diameter in excess of 6 inches at the ground level are to be removed from any lot without the permission of the Architectural Review Committee. This requirement is waived if the tree(s) are located within the building site or within 20 feet of the main dwelling.
f) Above ground swimming pools are not allowed. Bottle gas containers and oil tanks shall be screened from public view.

Attach a picture and/or drawing of plans with explanation of work to be done.

No clearing, grading or construction should commence before written approval is obtained.  Once plans are approved, construction may begin.  Please contact the Harbor Watch Homeowners’ Association Inc. of Lake Norman for final inspection.

A $500 Road Bond is required when plans are submitted, which may impact the private roads, e.g., heavy equipment needed during construction (check made payable to the Harbor Watch Homeowners’ Association by either the Contractor or the Owner).  The Road Bond will be refunded if road pavement and road shoulders near and in front of the subject lot are maintained throughout the construction process in the same good condition as they were in when construction began.

Revisions may not be made to the approved plans during construction without prior written approval by the Architectural Review Committee.

The information provided on this request form is accurate and correct

as per the signature of the property owner submitting the request.